What are the Different types of Pipes in your Commercial Building : A Guide

Commercial plumbing mechanisms are vastly different and more complex than the residential structure. Some of these pipes are similar, while more sturdy and durable variants such as HDPE and PEX are found in large scale commercial projects for better quality and extra reliability.

We have curated a complete guide on the different types of pipes that are commonly seen in commercial buildings. This will help you gain more insight and knowledge regarding its mechanisms so that you can know when to call the right commercial plumbers sydney at the time of need.

As a property or business owner, it becomes essential for you to know the ins and outs of these pipes so that you can most adequately know when to repair and fixate them. Here are the most common types of pipes found in commercial buildings.


PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are a popular choice of pipes used commonly in both residential or commercial projects. The durability, affordability and resistance proof qualities makes it a great option of use in plumbing systems. PVC lines are generally used in drainage and water systems. It is one of the most popular options amongst its numerous alternatives.

The material used is exceptionally lightweight and easy to install, which makes them a great cost effective option. The smooth interior surface allows water to flow efficiently with minimal friction.

Stainless Steel

Galvanised stainless steel pipes specialise in combating rusts and sediment due to its extraordinary durability. It is a go to option for processing plants, manufacturing units and industrial kitchens. It is completely resistance proof and only needs minimal maintenance without any risks of leaks, making it a great alternative for large scale units.

They are also known for its hygienic properties where it allows the water to flow smoothly without any mixture with other contaminants with almost no friction interrupting the procedure. Its standard finishing and steel appeal is beautiful and gives off a premium feeling with its ability to flow various types of fluids easily. This makes the stainless steel pipes a top choice for commercial plants for its aesthetics and functionality.


PEX or cross linked polyethylene pipes are another popular option seen largely in commercial building and manufacturing units. It is exclusively used for water and plumbing purposes. They are also relatively expensive compared to its alternatives due to its durability and reliability.

PEX range offers incredible flexibility, are available in different colour codes and requires minimal maintenance after installation.

PEX range is mostly used in indoor works and it is not recommended for outer exposure as it can react badly to UV light rays and can deteriorate quickly.


Copper is one of the most commonly used materials used in plumbing works in large scale units and business spaces. Plumbers Sydney offer a wide selection of copper pipelines in mainly two types - flexible and rigid.

Flexible types are generally used for short stretches of piping as it does not have the range and strength required to handle liquid flow of long stretches.

Rigid types are exceptional in long routes as they are more strong, have better resistance to pressure and are corrosion resistant. This material is expensive and it may require complex installation considering welding and soldering may be included in the process of setting it up.


Brass is another common type of pipeline that can be found in building areas. This material is best for handling both hot and cold water distribution.

Brass is fairly resistant to sedimentary buildups and rust leading to corrosion which makes them a good option to pass fluids. If affordability is in question then companies can surely go for brass instead of stainless steel.


CPVC stands for chlorinated poly vinyl chloride pipes. These types of pipes are excellent in handling hot water but are bad at handling cold water temperatures and hence, used mostly in water distribution systems.

Plumber Sydney mostly recommends CPVC to manufacturing units as it is incredibly resistant to high pressures - all while being affordable. It is low cost and requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, it is easy to install which makes it a great option.

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In Conclusion,

There are numerous types of commercial pipes with different qualities such as dust resistance, flexibility, corrosion resistant and lightweight. Depending on your particular needs, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your particular needs. Manufacturing units may require a large stretch of these pipes that are more expensive considering it should provide a range of qualities with industrial standards.

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