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The second that awful smell drifts in through your bathroom window or forces you to eat inside on a sunny afternoon when family and friends should enjoy your backyard BBQ. This is when you realise that something rather smelly is happening below ground.

Drain/sewage problems are headaches and can cause many problems. Thankfully, we have just the right way to fix this problem with our expertise. Mates Rates’ pipe relining experts provide prompt pipe relining service without ruining the landscape of your beautiful backyard. 

Resolve all the drainage problems in one go and avoid frequent sewage repairs; contact Mates Rates licensed plumbing experts in Sydney at (02) 9191 7369 or complete the enquiry form to receive a response within one working day to arrange an overdue drain inspection and report.

No Dig, No Mess - Choose Trenchless Pipe Relining 

Cast iron pipes have a life span of 25-30 years, so many deteriorating drains are now showing the unwelcome signs of ageing. PVC pipes are prone to damage during building subsidence, and tree roots just love old terracotta pipes. Add building extensions, driveways, decks, landscaping, even car parks and swimming pools, and the idea of having to dig it all up to replace aged pipes looks like an expensive and smelly plumbing nightmare.

Traditional pipe relining methods are very time-consuming. It requires more excavation, releases more carbon emissions and can ruin the landscape too. Modern plumbing methods, such as Pipe relining, are an excellent replacement for a hassle-free experience. 



Hassle-Free Trenchless Pipe Relining in Sydney 

Traditional sewer repairs mandated extensive trench digging and excavation to remove and replace broken or cracked pipes. Trench excavation is an outdated and costly practice that unavoidably damaged or destroyed landscaping, driveways, and many other structures.

Modern Trenchless Pipe Relining delivers a hassle-free experience as a less invasive option when fixing standard sewer line issues. Some common sewer issues it can fix - 

✔ Corrosion due to rust
✔ Cracks in clay, lead, cast iron, & plastic pipes
✔ Sewage blockages & backups
✔ Pipe fractures
✔ Minor pipe misalignment
✔ Tree root intrusion

Why Choose Mates Rates Pipe Relining Experts?

Mates Rates plumbers guarantee to provide you with excellent sewer maintenance and pipe relining service with exceptional workmanship and attention to detail. Your local Mates Rates plumber is highly trained, fully experienced in CIPP installation and always reliable. 

With over 25+ years of fixing plumbing problems in Sydney, we bring experience and expertise to fix any plumbing problem, big or small. 

➔ Creating substantially less waste
➔ Majority of work occurs outside your building/home
➔ Access is far less intrusive
➔ Minimal disruption to sewer or water service
➔ Reduced on-site dirt & mess
➔ Saves significant & unnecessary expense
➔ Expensive landscape does not get destroyed;
➔ 25-year CIPP manufacturer’s parts warranty, plus
➔ Longer lasting repair than alternatives.


Dial our number and talk to our expert briefly about your problem. Get the most competitive quote within your budget today! 

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Advanced SewerCam Inspection and CIPP Report

As Sydney’s trenchless sewer maintenance and repair specialists, Mates Rates plumbers choose to use the Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), relining technology that eliminates most of the disruption caused by digging trenches across your property. CIPP does not require excavation to rehabilitate a pipeline that is either leaking or structurally flawed. 

CIPP is a highly efficient new way to handle sewer drain and stormwater pipe replacement; your Mates Rates CIPP repair experts are able to create a “pipe within the existing pipe” with the same structural strength as a brand new replacement pipe.

SewerCam is Mates Rates specialised CCTV camera, monitor and radio frequency (RF) locator that allows your sewer maintenance and repair specialist to see right down inside your sewer lines and underground stormwater plumbing to establish the cause and extent plus identify the exact locations of any blockage, leak or fracture.

Mates Rates can meet all your damaged, collapsed and leaking drainage issues, plus Mates Rates stands behind our CIPP repairs with a 25-year warranty on the CIPP liner and silicate resin in addition to our 7-year workmanship guarantee.

Pipe Relining - FAQs

1. What are the benefits of pipe relining compared to traditional pipe replacement?

Pipe relining offers several benefits over traditional pipe replacement, including:
- No excavation required: Minimal disruption to your property and landscaping.
- Quick and efficient: Faster completion times, often within a day.
- Cost-effective: Lower overall costs due to reduced labor and restoration expenses.
- Durable and long-lasting: The relined pipes are resistant to root intrusion, corrosion, and leaks, often lasting up to 50 years. 

2. How long does the pipe relining process take?

The duration of the pipe relining process can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the length of the pipe being repaired. Generally, most residential pipe relining projects can be completed within one to two days. However, larger or more complex jobs may take longer.

3. Is pipe relining suitable for all types of pipes?

Pipe relining is suitable for a wide range of pipe materials, including cast iron, clay, PVC, and concrete pipes. It can be used to repair pipes of various sizes and is effective for fixing common issues such as cracks, leaks, and root intrusion. However, a professional inspection is necessary to determine if pipe relining is the best solution for your specific situation.

4. How much does pipe relining cost in Sydney?

The cost of pipe relining in Sydney can vary based on factors such as the length and diameter of the pipe, the extent of the damage, and the complexity of the job. On average, the cost can range from $500 to $1,000 per meter. It's recommended to obtain a detailed quote from a reputable pipe relining company to get an accurate estimate for your specific needs.

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