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Top 5 Most Common Outdoor Plumbing Problems in Watson Bay

When something goes wrong with the plumbing in your house, it’s a big problem. A clogged sink or toilet can be a big inconvenience and a huge mess, depending on the severity of the issue. We immediately call a local emergency plumber to solve these issues. But what about your outdoor plumbing? most of us put off outdoor plumbing issues as if they’re not so immediate or important. The outside plumbing also requires care and attention.

Outdoor plumbing tasks can be as catastrophic as interior plumbing tasks. Exterior water lines that supply outdoor spouts can be damaged when they aren’t managed properly. Your home is open to many issues when it comes to outdoor plumbing equipment. Many plumbing problems occur inside your home, but they can also occur outdoors. Outdoor plumbing issues can range from minor failures to major problems. These Exterior plumbing issues can include frozen or burst pipes, broken or leaking faucets and hoses, frozen sprinklers, and even water leaking into your foundation, which can lead to countless other issues.

If your home has an outdoor plumbing system to provide water for sprinklers, pools, ponds or fountains, you may be wondering what types of maintenance must be performed in order to keep things flowing smoothly. In this article, we’ll be covering the most common outdoor plumbing problems. 

Sewer Blockage

One of the most common outdoor plumbing problems is Sewer Blockage, and most often, roots in pipes are the most likely cause. A blockage in the main sewer line is a very serious plumbing problem that results in raw sewage backing up and damming your home. When you have a blockage in the main sewer pipes, it is important to call a Watson bay plumber who can do a video sewer inspection and get rid of the roots in drains.

Pool Issues

If you have a pool, it’s a part of your outdoor plumbing and it can definitely cause problems in your plumbing system. It can be a source of many serious issues for house owners. It requires a lot of maintenance and repairs, many of which are related to the pool’s plumbing systems. If you detect any issue around your pool area, the only way to solve this issue is to have one of our Watson bay plumbers investigate the source of the issue.

Sprinkler Issues

If you have a big lawn area, then you obviously have a sprinkler system that keeps the whole area fresh and green. These sprinklers can be hard to maintain because they can receive several forms of damage. It’s important to pay attention to how things are working. If certain areas of your lawn are drier than the rest of the lawn it means the sprinkler is not working properly, contact a local plumber to diagnose, find, and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Problems with the Hose Bibs

Hose bibs are responsible for supplying water to all your outdoor plumbing. Your hose bib lets you enjoy the comfort of running water outside of your house with total convenience. A small leak in your hose bibs turns into a serious case because the entire outdoor water supply could be affected. Leaks can waste a lot of water, and all that extra moisture near your home can cause structural damage or mold. Call an experienced Watson Bay plumber to replace your hose fixtures and don’t settle for less. 

Remember to Winterise the Faucets

When temperatures are down to 28 degrees or below, and the outside faucets freeze, ice can form in the water supply pipes that lead to those exposed outdoor faucets. You have to make sure that you winterize your faucets so that they don’t result in frozen pipes. Watson bay plumber looks into your faucets and valves, so the residual water left in the water line won’t freeze and then cause a pipe to burst and ultimately start filling your house up with water.


When faced with these outdoor plumbing problems, it is essential to act quickly and efficiently. In some cases, you may be able to address minor issues on your own. However, for more complex problems or situations where you're unsure of the cause or solution, it is highly recommended to search for an emergency plumber near me. An emergency plumber has the expertise, experience, and necessary tools to diagnose and fix outdoor plumbing problems efficiently. They can provide prompt assistance to minimize potential damage and restore the functionality of your outdoor plumbing system.

Mates rates plumbing proudly offers the most effective and affordable plumbing services in the Watson Bay area. Trust our licensed and experienced plumbers to quickly get to the root of your outdoor plumbing problem and find a reasonable and effective solution.


Any plumbing repair or maintenance should be always done by a licensed trades person or your manufacturer’s warranty and your building and content insurance could be voided. Your Mates Rates plumber Sydney will happily give you advice and ensure that you take the best course of action and avoid costly mistakes.

Always keep an eye out for dripping taps in your home, office or garden, toilet cisterns that continually run, leaking hot water tanks and valves, damp spots in floors walls or ceilings, hard to turn or noisy taps or sinks that drain slowly. These are the common early signs of a minor plumbing issue that could result in serious damage and cost you money if not promptly attended to.

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